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The Best Rheumatologists in South Florida Incorporate a Holistic Approach to Treatment

Rheumatic disorders encompass over a hundred different variations of chronic inflammatory disorders including osteoarthritis, rheumatic arthritis, lupus, Sjogren’s syndrome, among others. The cause for these disorders is unknown and unfortunately, there is no cure. There are, however, several treatments that can help alleviate the symptoms so that those suffering from one of these disorders can lead a more normal life. In fact, studies have found that a positive attitude and good self-esteem are one of the most important factors when it comes to successfully approaching treatment and in committing to dealing with disorders in general.

South Florida’s Leading Practice in Rheumatic Disorder Treatment

By going to see one of the best rheumatologists in South Florida, you may receive treatments that include any number of medications meant to decrease inflammation and alleviate pain, among other things. Physicians experienced in rheumatic disorder like Dr’s. Kahn and Riskin will also recommend a plan for wellness. The first step is knowing when and how long to rest. Resting affected areas can reduce inflammation, and consequently, the pain. However, too much rest can cause the muscles around the joints and bones to become weak, making them more prone to inflammation when they are suddenly used. Too much rest can also decrease a joint’s range of motion. To combat this, rest should be balanced with a regular exercise routine. The exercise should require the areas to move, but should not be high-impact. This will improve both muscle and bone strength, decreasing the amount of stress on joints. If you’re seeing a rheumatologist they may prescribe physical therapy as a way to make sure you’re getting just enough of the right kinds of exercise

Dr. Charles Kahn and Dr. Wayne Riskin are the Leading Pembroke Pines and Hollywood Rheumatologists

Dr’s. Kahn and Riskin also know that another important part of wellness includes eliminating bad habits like smoking, excessive drinking, and excessive eating. When the health of your body in general is not well, it is harder for it to bounce back from disease. This means making sure you have a well-balanced diet, because it gives your bones and joints the nutrients they need to be strong. Some recommend supplementing your diet with certain fish and plant oils, although these approaches are not yet officially approved by the FDA. Your mental health also plays a factor, so it’s important to be free from depression, maintain healthy relationships, and lead a satisfying life in general.

Finally, you might want to consider an occupational therapist. They can assist you in learning strategies that improve your form when carrying out daily activities. They will also be able to recommend certain devices that can assist you and prevent further injury. While some people prefer a nonmedical approach, your rheumatologist may decide that a combination of medication and a wellness plan will be most effective. It’s important to discuss all of your treatment options with your doctor, because simply knowing about your disorder and expectations for progress greatly increases your chances for successful treatments.

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