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Paget’s Disease

Seeking Treatment of Paget’s Disease in Hollywood & Pembroke Pines FL

Paget Disease treatmentPaget’s Disease an illness that affects bones, causing their abnormal destruction and regrowth. This ends up resulting in deformities. The process usually involves the breakdown of bone tissue, which is followed by the forming of new bone. The new formation is often bigger, but weaker and filled with blood vessels. Paget’s Disease is often found in bones in the arms, skull, collarbones, spine, leg, and pelvis. While Paget’s Disease in South Florida does occur, it is more commonly found in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The cause of the disease is not known, but genes seem to have a connection, as well as early childhood viral infections.

The symptoms of Paget’s Disease include:

  • bone pain
  • joint pain
  • joint stiffness
  • neck pain
  • leg bowing
  • enlarged head
  • skull deformities
  • fractures
  • headaches
  • hearing loss
  • reduced height
  • warm skin over the affected bone

Fortunately, most patients do not seem to have any symptoms. Because of this diagnosing the disease can be difficult. More often than not, a diagnosis is made it after a patient gets an X-ray for another reason.

South Florida’s Leading Practice for Paget’s Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

If you got an X-Ray and it caused your doctor to suspect Paget’s Disease, they will probably refer you to a rheumatology specialist in South FL. That doctor will test for the disease by taking bone scans or X-Rays.They may also check for elevated markers of bone breakdown. If you have abnormal blood tests but show no symptoms or other evidence of the disease, you may not need treatment.

In South Florida the leading medical professionals for treatment of Paget’s Disease are Dr. Charles Kahn and Dr. Wayne Riskin. If you need an initial diagnosis and then follow on treatment, make an appointment at either our Hollywood or Pembroke Pines office.

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