What is a Physician Assistant?

When you go to see a doctor, including a rheumatologist in South Florida, you may encounter a physician assistant. Physician assistants are medical professionals who are highly skilled and trained to carry out medical services while working with a supervising physician. These healthcare professionals like doctors, must be licensed and have received extensive training to provide trusted medical care and guidance for patients.

The training of a physician assistant includes a medical program associated with an accredited medical school. This program includes both intensive classroom studies and clinical experience. They often carry two to four year degrees before even entering a physician’s assistant training program. Additionally, they need healthcare experience before being accepted into the program.

When you visit a Rheumatologist you may work with a physician’s assistant who takes your health history and performs your initial physical examination. They also have the expertise to order X-rays, perform routine diagnostic tests, make diagnoses, treat and manage health problems, administer immunizations and injections, and even perform minor procedures. Physician’s assistants often provide continuing care to patients, refer them to other professionals and respond to life-threatening emergencies.

At our office there are physician assistants who carry out any number of the above-mentioned procedures. They are supervised by our physicians. Each doctor, physician’s assistant, and administrative staff member works together as a team to provide expert diagnoses and comprehensive treatments for patients suffering from rheumatic disorders. They understand that it takes collaboration and communication both with their team members and with each patient to make efficient diagnoses and to determine effective treatments.

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