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Clinical Studies

Dr.’s Kahn and Riskin Clinical Studies in Rheumatology

Clinical Studies in RheumatologyWhen you visit a rheumatologist in South Florida, you want to know you are visiting the most experienced and knowledgeable physician in his or her field. The experience a doctor brings can help their perspective when dealing with patients, their accuracy when it comes to diagnosis, and their knowledge of possible treatments for each disorder. Our physicians have dedicated much of their time to clinical studies in order to gain valuable insight into the disorders they specialize in and the potential outcomes of each approach.

Between all of our physicians, they’ve completed more than 40 years of research in order to find the best possible treatments for their patients and to discover as much as they possibly can about the disorders they diagnose and treat every day.

South Florida’s Leading Practice for the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Each day, our physicians call upon the knowledge they’ve gained from their clinical studies to determine the best possible course of action for each of their patients. Their many studies have included careful analysis of the effectiveness of various treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, among other disorders. These treatments included medicines such as Tolectin, Pirprofen, Penbufen, Auranofin, Clinoril and more. The results of those studies now help them to understand which course of treatment and which medicine works best for each particular patient.

Dr.’s Kahn & Riskin

They weren’t only concerned with the effectiveness of treatments, but also the safety of the drugs themselves, the correct dosage when administering treatment, and whether or not a particular drug or dosage level caused patients to have any harmful side effects. These studies tested the safety of medicines such as Tiflamizole, Nabumetone, Azapropazone, Etodolac, Diclofenac among others. They can now use this knowledge to make sure their patients get the best treatment with the least amount of side effects, when suffering from diseases like osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoporosis. When it comes to your diagnosis, medicine, dose, and treatment plan, our physicians are the most knowledgeable rheumatologists in South Florida.


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